[Opinion] Blackish House, and why we couldn’t have it all


I started playing Blackish House, one of Honey Bee Black game out of curiosity since early January and I can assure you I was quite absorbed on the story enough that I nearly cried at some of the route (rei haha ;_;) though to be honest I have a lot of issue with how the game treated their characters and plots, during Side:A I was lefted with more question that gets answered on Side:Z which is actually a good thing, Only if getting there didn’t require me to yell at cloud and being stressed for almost all of the routes.
I originally livetweeted my playthrough on twitter (#maenusaveus for side:a and #jokerhousez for side:z, spoiler warning ahead!) but after going through both games I felt like I need to sorted out my thoughts about the game as a whole instead of ending it with only few commentaries.

Be aware that there will be major spoilers ahead as this post were made because I wanted to rambles all sort of things about this series as a whole so if you’re planning to play and doesn’t wanted to have your fun ruined, leave this post immediately.Read More »


Introduction: Harutsuge to Yukimusuko

“Starting now, our dear Harutsuge-sama will depart to the place where our beloved mother, Yuki Onna reside in”

The legends of Yuki Onna were told since the old days in this Fujino village, and every year, during the coldest time of the year, they began their preparation for a certain ceremony.

A girl who goes by the name of Harutsuge, spends her day in her caretaker’s house in order to purify herself, all for the sake of the ceremony.

And when the time comes, she will embark on a lone journey to Yuki Onna’s shrine

The village that were tied with old tradition, and the ceremony that were clouded with only mysteries.

In a place where everything is secluded from the outside of village, the guys who have started living with Harutsuge slowly notices the odd things that occur on the village, eventually leading them to find out the bizarre truth about the place they’ve been living in.

“By sacrificing someone to Yuki Onna-sama, we will be granted a warm spring”

To them, what does “Spring” truly meant?

With the thoughts of these guys slowly swaying the girl’s (you) determination to complete her duty, the hidden existence who was born to end the prolonged winter were starting their move.

You may or may not heard of Harutsuge to Yukimusuko, as it was actually meltlab’s most promoted series ever that were illustrated by hagi, starting from situation CDs and eventually having a proper developed story by making a manga serialization out of it along with a brand new CD Drama that introduces some new characters that plays rather crucial part to the story. While the newer CD were following the manga timeline more closely, the situation CD is also a good way to get yourself familiarized with the story as it also ties each other in order of the CD releases (plot related too tbh so have fun :3c). I picked the series up immediately when I saw information about it from… two years ago?! And was really satisfied with what they give so when the news about site renewal happening and them making a new drama cd I was really excited about the development they’re going for especially because part of the explanation from the situation cd were left unsolved. Moving on I’ll eventually talk about the new drama cd once I got the chance too but for now, let’s familiarize ourselves with the characters of the series’ first, as per usual!
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Introduction: Bara no Kousuishi


When talking about otome-oriented drama cd nowadays, most people would easily point out the big labels like Rejet or Otomate (on its sub-label otomate-records). Although there’s also a number of labels that had established their name into the market long before these two did, most of them ended up stopping on making new series or, looking out the alternatives in the adult side. This also gives the opportunity for newer labels to start competing as well, one of them being the sub-label of a known music label, Exit Tunes’ drama cd sub-label: Meltlab. I’ve had my doubt before but they kept coming up with a series that had its note-worthy story. for the first one, I would like to introduce one of their older series, Bara no Kousuishi.Read More »